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In 1940 she made her debut as simply THE CAT, a plain-clothes jewel thief who was also a master of disguise.
One of the oldest and always sexiest of Batman's enemies is Catwoman. Selina Kyle became the sultry arch criminal with the love-hate relationship with Batman.
In this 1966 comic book story, a new look was tried for Catwoman.
For the first two seasons of the BATMAN TV series, Catwoman was played by the curvy Julie Newmar. Many feel that this was her best portrayal. Did they spray paint that costume on?
Between the first and second seasons of TV's BATMAN , the Producers hopped on the BAT wagon, sorry Band wagon, and went to the big screen with a full-length feature film. Julie Newmar was busy filming another movie and the Film makers turned to former Miss America Lee Meriwether. Guess they had enough left over spray paint from Julie to use on Lee.
An artist's rendition of the sexy Catwoman from a 1966 Trading Card.
Julie Newmar returned as Catwoman for the second season of BATMAN.
Trouble with Lois Lane in this 1967 comic book.
For the third and final season of the TV series BATMAN, Julie was once again busy with other projects. During this time, singer Eartha Kitt took over the role.
The sexy costume was lost on the 1969 TV cartoon, produced by Filmation, THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN. Catwoman's voice was provided by Jane Webb.
The sexy costume was lost on the 1969 TV cartoon, produced by Filmation, THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN. Catwoman's voice was provided by Jane Webb.
More wardrobe changes, such as this one from the 1975 comics.
She always did look good in purple.
A little better the second time around for Filmation, when they produced the 1977 series THE NEW ADVENTURES OF BATMAN. Not only did Adam West and Burt Ward return to do the Dynamic Duo's voices, but Catwoman was drawn and spoken much sexier than she was on the first series 8 years earlier. Here her voice was supplied by Melendy Britt.
Back to purple in 1983.
WOW! Check please!
For Tim Burton's 1992 film BATMAN RETURNS, Michelle Pfeiffer played Selina. Her portrayal was more of an evil / confused mirror of Bruce Wayne.
The catchy ad-campaign for 1992's BATMAN RETURNS.
In 1993, she finally got her own magazine. Back to purple and the sexiest drawings ever.
From 1992 thru 1999 on the Tv cartoon BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES (aka THE BATMAN ADVENTURES), Selina Kyle's alter-ego was a staunch animal activist. Her voice, played to a "T", was provided by Adrienne Barbeau.The character has the honor of being the very first aired ANIMATED SERIES villain in THE CAT AND THE CLAW on September 5, 1992. She quickly appeared again in TYGER, TYGER (10/30/92), CATSCRATCH FEVER (11/5/92) and ALMOST GOT 'IM (11/10/92).
Friends or Foes? Catwoman and Batgirl on the animated series in BATGIRL RETURNS (11/12/94).
Her own comic still going strong, if that pesky Robin would just stay out of it. How does she get that costume on?
Back in Black on the animated series.
An unlikely team-up, Nightwing and Catwoman on THE BATMAN ADVENTURES.
On TV, Adrienne Barbeau still voiced the feline temptress, but her look continued to change. Less shape, more ears. Even Selina's hair went from long blonde to short black when she boycotted the testing of the hair dye on cats.
Two major changes in look on the animated series of Batman were Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Compare the differences with looks from early in the series and towards the end.
Another change in this 2000 comic story.
For the 2004 Fan Film and cult favorite GRAYSON, Selina Kyle was played by the lucious Kimberly Page. Sidebar: Who cares if there wasn't a costume?
An attractive early 90's close-up.
A classic cover from the early eighties.
A classic cover from the early eighties.
Who could look better on your Christmas tree? A 1999 Hallmark ornament. The back of the box read: Captivating, conniving, dangerous...these are the traits of expert thief Selina Kyle - Catwoman! Like her namesake, Catwoman is strong-willed, cool, and imposing, making her one of Batman's greatest foes.