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Poison Ivy's debut in 1960. She's really disgruntled botanist Pamela Isley.
In the 1973 debut issue of SUPER FRIENDS, many "super villains" also appeared, including Poison Ivy.
Back again in this 1984 issue of DETECTIVE COMICS.
Poison Ivy debuted on BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES in the 5th episode PRETTY POISON on September 14, 1992. Her character was an immediate favorite. She continued in many top-notch episodes, like: ETERNAL YOUTH, HOUSE & GARDEN, ALMOST GOT 'IM, as well as several team-ups with Harley Quinn. Her voice was provided by Diane Pershing.
Like most of Batman's arch-enemies, Poison Ivy made an appearance in the Knight Fall saga.
As she appeared in the 1993 comics.
A continued favorite on TV and in the comics, as pictured here in THE BATMAN ADVENTURES. She debuted on the ANIMATED SERIES on September 14, 1992 in PRETTY POISON and returned quickly in ETERNAL YOUTH (9/23/92).
The costume continues to shrink and her sex appeal continues to grow with each passing year.
Watch out for those lips, they're a killer.
In a 1996 issue of SHADOW OF THE BAT.
In Joel Shulmacher's 1997 feature film BATMAN AND ROBIN, Uma Thurman took on the toxic role.
To promote the film, she was featured in her own Special Edition comic.
A guest appearance in a 1998 issue of CATWOMAN.
On TV's THE BATMAN ADVENTURES, her costume changed to black, but she still remained a favorite.
The legendary "Thelma and Louise" type teaming of two of Gotham's sexiest baddies: Ivy and Harley Quinn.
Pucker up...
Poison Ivy in the 2000 comics. Even with green skin, she still is a head turner. Itchy yet?