Special thanks to Gar MacRae, Amanda MacRae & Allison Mullavey for sharing these personal photos with us
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Gordon and Elizabeth's wedding reception on Sept. 27, 1967
Gordon and Elizabeth's wedding
Sept. 27, 1967 with his kids
From left: (Top)
Gar, Heather, Meredith, Bruce
(Bottom) Elizabeth and Gordon
Gar's wedding July 8, 1994
From left: (Top)
Allison (Meredith's daughter), Meredith,
Emily (Gar's wife), Gar,
Josh (Gar's son), Zak (Gar's son)
Jeremy (Gar's son), Caitlin (Gar's daughter),
Dexter (Gar's stepson), Michael (Gar's son),
Sheila, Heather
Meredith, Gar, Heather
Meredith, Gar, Heather
in the late sixties
Gar holds his son Zak, shortly after his birth
Back in the days of "Hair",
Gar was thrilled to have his son Zak
Gordon and daughter Meredith
Gordon and Meredith
in the sixties
Gar MacRae and his children (June 28, 1999)
Gar and his sons
June 28, 1999
From left:
Jeremy, Zak, Gar, Josh
Gar's big catch
Gar's Big Catch
Gar happily stands by the
"King Salmon" he caught.
He wasn't allowed to touch it,
as it had to be released.
At least he can say
he landed a big one.
Gar and Emily 2002
Gar and his lovely
wife Emily on vacation
in The Seychelles
in 2002.
Gar & Emily at the Eiffel Tower 2002
Gar and Emily at
The Eiffel Tower
in 2002.
Gar and Emily Diving 2002
Gar and Emily
enjoy some diving
Caitlin, Michael, Gar (2002)
Caitlin, Michael, Gar
on vacation in 2002.
Emily & Gar in The Seychelles
Emily (Left) and Gar
in The Seychelles (2002).
Gar MacRae 2002
Gar (2002)
Heather's 2001 CD release
Heather MacRae's 2001
CD release
Songs For My Father
Gar MacRae 2003
Gar MacRae (2003)
Sheila,Allison and Greg
Sheila, Allison Mullavey
Meredith's daughter
and Dad Greg Mullavey
In New York City (2003)
Nancy, Allison, Eddie
Allison with Nancy Thatcher,
who was Meredith's best friend,
and her husband singer Eddie Brown
2002 Allison and Shirley Jones
Meredith's daughter Allison
2002 on her birthday
with Shirley Jones
Mandy MacRae 2003
Mandy MacRae 2003
Dayton 12/29/04
Dayton Gordon 12/29/04
Mandy and her husband
Mandy and her husband 2004
Mandy MacRae Daley
Mandy MacRae Daley 2011
Mandy and Gordon's grandson Dayton 2011
Mandy and Gordon's grandson Dayton 2011
Dayton Gordon 2011
Gordon's grandson Dayton 2011
More coming soon
More soming soon