James Finlayson gets revenge on Bert and Alf's twin
brothers, Stan and Ollie in Our Relations (1936)


August 27, 1887 - October 9, 1953

James (Jimmy) Finlayson is another one of those recognizable faces from Laurel & Hardy films. He appeared in 33 films with Stan and Babe as a team, and numerous solo films of each as well. His most memorable characteristics were his bushy moustache (which was actually fake), his "Doh!" expression, and his famed "Double take and fade away."

In addition to his many films with Stan and Babe, Jimmy also appeared in dozens of other films, including THE HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE (1939), the Jack Benny classic TO BE OR NOT TO BE (1942), THE DAWN PATROL in 1931, Alfred Hitchcock's FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT (1940), CAREFREE (1938) with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY (1946), HERE COMES THE GROOM (1951), 1951's ROYAL WEDDING with Fred Astaire and Jane Powell, the Little Rascals short MUSH AND MILK (1933), as well as many early Stan Laurel films, including: ROUGHEST AFRICA (1923) and SHORT KILTS (1924).

James Finlayson in The Devil's Brother (Fra Diavolo) (1933)

A classic expression from "Fin"
in The Devil's Brother (Fra Diavolo) (1933)

Jimmy's Filmography

James Finlayson in Liberty (1929)

"Doh!" Fin as the frustrated shop keeper
in LIBERTY (1929)

James Finlayson with Stan and Ollie in WAY OUT WEST

James Finlayson with Stan and Ollie
in WAY OUT WEST (1937)