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Welcome to my Home Page.
Below are links to various web pages maintained by me and a link to some other Fullerton Pages.
I hope you enjoy them. Please email me and let me know what you think.
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My daughter Megan Nicole

Some current photos of my beautiful daughter Megan Nicole, born on August 3, 2001. Updated monthly, cause she's growing fast.

The Superman Gallery

A pictorial history of Superman and his family from the comics, radio, television and the movies. The most extensive Superman Gallery ever assembled.

The Batman Gallery

A pictorial history of the changes in the characters of the Batman legend from the comics, television and the movies.

Laurel & Hardy
A Tribute to Laurel & Hardy

The greatest comedy team of all time. Their zany antics still bring pleasure to untold millions.

The Lettermen

The sixties harmonizing group that is still in action. Get the latest news, information, history, and tons of pictures here. Learn about the past members. Also, vote for your favorite line-up.

Gordon MacRae
Gordon MacRae

Some called him the greatest baritone that ever lived. He was more than just the star of the 1955 film OKLAHOMA! Read his Biography, see his Discography & Filmography, and enjoy lots of photos.

Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks

Gorgeous actress. Star of MAD MEN, Guest star on FIREFLY and ER.

imf main
Impossible Mission Force Members

A compilation of all the members of the Impossible Mission Force members. Pictures of the individuals plus season and episodes references.

Bond Gallery
The James Bond Gallery

This is the Internet's Ultimate Pictorial Tribute to Ian Fleming's James Bond 007. A history through photos of the films, books, actors, albums, videos, DVDs, magazine covers, advertisements, behind-the-scenes, and whatever else I could think of. Enjoy.

Pat &
Bill The William & Patricia Fullerton Pages Pat &
Ellis Parker
Ellis Parker

Super sleuth, my Dad's Grandfather. Captor of the REAL kidnapper of the Lindbergh baby.

Tony Wayne
Composer Tony Wayne

My Mom's Father. Hear his music.